Windsongs have always been revered in a way, a special honor to be so close to Windsinger. A lair that has a Windsinger dragon is blessed by the Windpapa himself! Windsongs are considered good luck. And like the Windpapa, they are found all over the place and love to travel.


When the first WindSong dragons were born in the world, some, especially those born in Wind Flight, were revered as the essence of Windsinger himself. Others born in other Flights lairs were often teased and bullied by those who did not appreciate such an obvious indication of a deity outside their Flight. These days it is recognized that Deity dragons are very special, no matter what Deity they represent. It is an honor to be so close to the Gods of Sorneith, such as Windsinger. Any lair that has a WindSong dragon is blessed by the Windsinger himself and considered very good luck! They can now be found all over the world.

A WindSong dragon is usually blessed with a beautiful voice, a love of travel, enjoys listening to those that have journeyed to other lands, and fond of flying and playing with the winds.

Created by: paintminion
Flight Wind
Breeds Any
Genes Any
Colors Seafoam
Genes Any
Colors Spring
Genes Any except basic
Colors Aqua
Hatcheries n/a
Spreadsheet n/a
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