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This subspecies, once nearly hunted to extinction, is slowly recovering. Even now, members of this species are hunted down by creatures of shadow--this is especially so for dragons who are born outside of the Viridian Labyrinth.

Like the shadows that hunt them, a Strider passing by can go completely unnoticed. Fleet of foot, they are almost completely silent on both land and in the air. In general this species is a master of camouflage and are well suited for hunting and tracking.

The most well known Striders are Exaltling, the wandering princess of nature and her mate Sentinel

Species Requirements Edit

Striders must be Slate/Silver/Swamp. Genes should be appropriate for camouflage. When new genes are added, any genes that fit the camouflage style will be acceptable. There is a google reference sheet established for this subspecies.

  • Flight: Any flight is acceptable
  • Breed: Any breed is acceptable
  • Primary: Slate; Basic, Tiger, Clown, Speckle, Ripple, Bar, Vipera, Piebald
  • Secondary: Silver; Basic, Stripes, Eyespot, Freckle, Seraph, Current, Daub, Paint, Peregrine
  • Tertiary: Swamp; Basic, Underbelly, Gembond, Crackle, Smoke, Okapi, Spines