Creation: Edit

Silver Linings descended from dragons from all flights that migrated to the Windswept Plateau. The reason for this mass migration? A shared love of flying which led them to where the thermals and wind currents were most conducive to long flights. Modern Silver Lining dragons can sometimes fly for days without landing, although some variations have been known to sustain flight for more than a week. Over generations, Silver Linings developed cloudlike patterns and colors to blend in with their surroundings, along with a distinctive Silver underbelly. You can tell the general region by the primary color of the dragon.

Personality: Edit

Generally, Silver Linings have up-beat, optimistic attitudes, although they have been known to have their heads in the clouds. Silver Linings are twice as likely to say "yes" to an idea than "no". They are also known for their inexplicable lucky streaks. Even when everything takes a turn for the worst, somehow it always seems to end up for the best if a Silver Lining is involved.

Culture Edit

Silver Lining culture is always about believing in the best. Every failure is viewed as a chance to learn and get it right next time. Every stranger is a chance to make a friend. Every goodbye is a chance to say hello again someday. Silver Linings are also taught that it is better to take a risk and fail, then never take a risk at all. Good humor, friendliness, and flexibility are all considered important personality traits to Silver Linings. Another important pillar of Silver Lining culture is having faith in their good luck and trusting that they can come through any hardship or challenge.

One thing that has crossed into wider culture is the phrase "Silver Lining Luck," which is used to describe unexpectedly good luck, especially in the face of extremely unfavorable odds.  Silver Linings prefer to adorn themselves in silver, as they believe it increases their luck.

Silver Linings
Silver lining
Created by: Geliril
Flights Wind (All Flights Allowed)
Breeds All Breeds
Genes Tiger, Bar, Ripple
Colors Splash-Sky or White-Grey
Genes Daub, Current
Colors Sky or White-Silver
Genes Underbelly, Glimmer
Colors Silver
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