Things are never quite as scary when you've got a friend.

Lore Edit

Whenever these dragons sense sadness, they rush to help the upset dragon. Radiant Friends do not talk, but they offer a comforting aura and warm hugs. Nobody knows where they come from or where they live - they might be in one lair for a moment, then move on to the next. But whenever a dragon is sad and upset, a Radiant Friend will soon be there.

A Radiant Friend's role depends on their color. Having one in your lair can help with depression, social anxiety or any problem imaginable. Even though a Friend might have quite a personality, their company makes life much easier.

You can read about different Radiant Friends here!

Radiant Friends
Created by Kationi
Flights Any
Breeds Any
Genes Basic, Iridescent, Crystal
Colours Light colours
Genes Facet
Colours Dark colours
Genes Okapi
Colours Dark colours
Official thread Radiant Friends
Google docs More info here
Hatchery Radiant Friends hatchery

Apparel Edit

Radiant Friends seem to enjoy wearing capes, scarves and flowers. Shiny jewellery and silks are also popular because Friends like anything beautiful and easy to move in. Occasionally, a Radiant Friend decides to wear armour instead. Those Friends might seem fierce and unfriendly when they're not on their duties as Radiant Friends.

It's very rare to see a Radiant Friend who holds a weapon.

Genes Edit

Radiant Friends have a light primary colour. Their Facet and Okapi must be darker and in the same colour range. White, maize and ice are neutral bases that can be combined to any colours. There are some exceptions to basic rules, which can be found from the Radiant Friend colour guide.

Trivia Edit

  • Radiant Friends love to hold different gift-giving events. 
  • New Radiant Friends can be created by breeding. Nobody knows where the original ones came from, though.
  • Skydancers are the most common Radiant Friend breed.
  • Helping others is usually the most important thing for Radiant Friends, but some of them might chase their other desires instead.

14899357 350

Bran, a blue Radiant Friend.

12822750 350

Inverse, a grey Radiant Friend.