These Sentinels display reddish and earthen tones, perfect for camouflage in their native Western Dragonhome.


Far to the west of Dragonhome, where the ground cracks into craggy fissures and the mesas tumble into ruin at the edge of the Scarred Wasteland, a small band of sentinels guards the Shattered Plain.

These snappers, calling themselves the Cliffguard, protect the residents of this small, impoverished region from thieves and neerdowells intending to do harm at the edges of the plaguelands. They do their work mostly by stealth, relying on their camouflaged colors to hide within the barren landscape beside cliffs the color of sunset, and sneak up on their foes before they can take advantage of the young or poor.

As the cliffguard grew stronger and their numbers grew larger, dragons from other clans were drawn to the cause of protecting the helpless from scavengers from Plague. Thus the noble of the Plague flight, as well as the daring from Fire, were drawn to the Plain and its myriad colorful cliffs. As long as they could fight without being seen, their help was considered a significant advantage.

Painted Cliifguard
Created by: Kraalofbhaga; Earth Flight
Flights Earth, Fire, or Plague
Breeds Snapper
Genes Ripple
Colors Sand-Brown, excluding Beige
Genes Current
Colors Carmine-Rust, excluding Blood
Genes Underbelly
Colors Stone-Sand, as well as Ivory
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Spreadsheat -
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