Deep within the northern mountains of Dragonhome live a group of dragons so rare that for centuries, no one believed they actually existed. They were only discovered when a lost mountaineer stumbled across one of their lairs, nearly getting eaten on sight.

The mountaineer was imprisoned while the dragons debated what to do next. They concluded that they could stay hidden no longer, and so released the mountaineer and flew him back to civilization along with several eggs.

The golden dragons with the dazzling wings caused quite a sensation, and the sub-species was quickly named Golden Treasure for their rarity and brilliant coloring. When the eggs hatched, it was quickly discovered that they could sniff out deposits of minerals and gems, making them all the more valuable.

Golden Treasure
Created by: Kih; Earth Flight
Flights Any
Breeds Any
Genes Crystal
Colors Lemon-Gold
Genes Facet
Colors Any
Genes Basic, Spines
Colors Any
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