Much like their namesake Geodes exhibit rough, earthen scales and beautiful crystalline wings.


It is common knowledge that Snapper Dragons have no need for sleep and as such rarely stay still unless they are molting. What is not common knowledge is that this is exactly what Snapper Dragons want them to believe.

There are those rare Snapper Dragons whose spiritual connection to the Earthshaker is so strong that when they reach their first moulting as adults they find their spirits drawn to the Earthshaker, their bodies left behind become petrified and are soon covered from sight by dust, sand and soil.

Most of these dragons are still hidden under Dragonhome to this day, but every so often Earthshaker wakes some of these special children. He sends an Earth Sprite to summon a clan to the resting place of the dragon. Upon their arrival, the petrified body long buried under sediment explodes and a Geode Dragon emerges, as a caterpillar from its cocoon.*

See also: Pyroclastic Geodes

*Lore by MalakhGlitch Edit
Created by: Lisandre; Earth Flight
Flights Earth
Breeds Snapper
Genes Speckle or Ripple
Colors Sand-Chocolate
Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 12.53.18 AM
Genes Facet
Colors Any colour except Sand-Chocolate
Genes Crackle or Gembond
Colors Sand-Chocolate
Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 12.53.18 AM
Hatcheries Official Geode Snappers
Spreadsheat -
Official Thread Same as Hatchery