The weathered guardians of Cairnstone tombs.


Stray spelunkers in Cairnstone may mistake these dragons for mere statues, but will quickly find themselves on the defensive should they disturb a Golem's charge.

Golems tend to have humble origins, crafted from simple mud and magic. However legends tell that these particular Golems were crafted by the Earthshaker’s most skilled Exalts, with blessed clay from the Pillar of the World and the most exquisite gems for their eyes. They were gifted to the most loyal and powerful clans to guard their tombs and treasures in Cairnstone from would-be grave robbers long ago.

However the ages have had their impact on the Golems, fading most of their once brilliantly painted bodies. Some have even developed what appears to be sentience in their solitude, starting up conversations with intruders instead of culling them, or even venturing out into the world of their own accord.

Golems tend to fight almost solely with magic, but as skillful as they are this ability has its detriments. A golem cannot naturally replenish their magic like normal dragons, and so every spell slung takes from their lifespan. Should their magic be completely depleted, they will revert to their clay husk, beyond any mortal repair. This fate can thankfully be minimized by regular tune-up by your local golem-repair dragon.

Earth Golems
Created by: Roro; Earth Flight
Flights Earth
Breeds Any
Genes Iridescent/Ripple/Crystal/Piebald/Giraffe
Colors White
Genes Paint
Colors Sand-Auburn
Genes Circuit, Contour
Colors Sand-Auburn, or White (XYY or XYX)
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